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Senior Care: Lifestyle Tips to Remember when You Have High Blood Pressure

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What if you can manage high blood pressure with a quality and healthy lifestyle? Actually, you can. The healthy lifestyle, while necessary in every stage of our lives, is especially called for in the aging years. After all, this is the time when the habits we have planted when we were younger result to their health consequences, both good and bad.

For your loved ones with high blood pressure, encourage them to work on the following healthy habits. Better yet, get them assisted by an experienced staff at Home Care Provider in Skokie, IL who is well able to accompany them in these healthy activities.

  • Exercise to lose pounds
    Weight gain is synonymous with high blood pressure. An efficient and proactive way to lose excess pounds is to exercise. Perform active physical exercises at least 30 minutes each day. Remember that every weight you lose is already a step towards managing high blood pressure. Before you undergo an exercise regimen with a Senior Care assistant, remember to seek your doctor’s counsel and clearance first.
  • Eat the balanced meal
    Balanced meals involve the perfect representation of all five food groups in your every serving. These groups include fruits, vegetables, dairy, proteins, and whole grains. A home health aide from a Home Health Care provider can assist you in preparing these types of meals every day, of course, with the recommendation of your dietitian.
  • Reduce sodium in your food
    Sodium has the uncanny ability to increase your blood pressure. If you can reduce sodium in your diet, it’s all the better for your health. Thankfully, there are flavoring elements that may not need the use of sodium. Consider the use of spices, herbs, and other healthy options in adding flavor to your food. Also, read food labels when buying packed foods to check on their sodium content. Remember, the lesser sodium, the lower blood pressure.
  • Reduce alcoholic drinks and smoking
    The fact is, the most ideal situation is to quit for good. If this is difficult for you, you can start by reducing your intake. Alcoholic beverages could have a beneficial contribution when taken in moderation. Unfortunately for some seniors, moderation could be difficult to achieve. Excess alcohol in the body can trigger the increase of blood pressure while it also reduces the effectiveness of blood pressure medications. In addition, ingredients in a cigarette can trigger the rise in blood pressure. Quitting these habits is really great for your health.
  • Reduce stress
    It’s not just blood pressure that stress worsens, every health issue can be complicated when you’re always stressed. The stressful life doesn’t give you sufficient amount of sleep, contributes to your appetite loss, and doesn’t inspire you to exercise. Spot the stress inducers in your life and cut them out.

If your senior loved one is at risk of high blood pressure, encourage them to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Our helpful caregivers at Care Assist Inc. can keep them company and give them assistance as they conduct their new health regimen. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you need this kind of help.

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