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Ideal Drinks for Your Seniors to Enjoy

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Whether it is a fancy fruit drink or simple fruit-infused water, these essential liquids will surely brighten up a senior’s day. Having a variety of flavors to offer, crafting drinks helps your seniors get interested in staying hydrated throughout the day.

In our experience as a Home Care Provider in Skokie, IL, we have witnessed how our senior clients forget to put much effort into drinking enough liquids so they can stay hydrated even when they are at home. By preparing these refreshing drinks for your senior loved ones, you can be almost certain that they will start a healthy drinking habit.

  • Fresh Fruit Shakes or Juices
    Making these drinks beforehand makes serving them a lot easier and faster, especially when you store them in safe plastic or glass bottles. Add on a label to help them quickly identify the drink they want to consume for the day. Not only is the drink refreshing and cool, squeezing and juicing fresh fruits and vegetables adds more vitamins and nutrients on top of their daily supplements.
  • Fruit-Infused Water
    Soaking assorted fruits like strawberries, oranges, and lemons, with a few mint leaves into a clean drinking bottle can make water consumption more enjoyable because of the fruit twist flavor. Mix and match different fruits so the senior loved one can have a variety of flavors to choose from every day and every week. This fruit infusion makes the water healthier since antioxidants are now mixed into the water content. Antioxidants and vitamins found in fruits help make the immune system stronger, while the water keeps the body well hydrated. Whenever they finish a bottle, they can refill it again with water or enjoy the fruits straight up.
  • Health-TEA Drinks
    Teas are great for senior bodies since it can help lower bad cholesterol and even promote better sleep quality. These 5 tea flavors are great choices for seniors to choose from:
    • Ginger Tea ideal for good digestion
    • Chamomile Tea for better sleep quality
    • Green Tea helps boost the immune system and fights off aging
    • Eucalyptus Tea antibacterial and aids in respiratory conditions
    • Honey Lemon Tea detoxifies and cleanses the body

Having enough healthy liquids to drink can answer the need for better hydration. Our Home Health Care promotes healthy drinking habits because even as simple as water can already do great wonders for the skin and organ function.

Step-up your hydration game and get creative with your healthy drink options. Seniors always stay hydrated with Care Assist Inc.

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